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The Curse - Japanese Horror Game

4.0 ( 1200 ratings )
Gry Rozrywka Akcja Przygoda
Desenvolvedor: Henry Sorren
1.99 USD

WARNING: If you get scared easily this game is not for you.

Great new indie horror game ! Scary as slender.. but not another slender-like!

First person perspective indie horror game. If you like Slender, or Eyes, youll like it too.

A cool storyline that will make your skin crawl and make your bones shake as you play through.

Scariest horror game in the appstore!

Play as a cute Japanese anime girl, and wander around a cursed graveyard. A demon haunts your soul and you must collect the 5 mystical swords to break this curse. The demon is angry and will try to steal your soul, to avoid this close your eyes!

This horror game is so scary, be warned!